Payable on almost all property purchases, stamp duty is a tax imposed by states and territories during the sale of a property, and covers the cost of transferring land from one individual to another. Each state has its own stamp duty rates and thresholds, as well as varying grants, concessions, and exemptions that apply to eligible buyers under certain circumstances.

Our free Stamp Duty Calculator can help you estimate the amount of stamp duty you might need to pay on a property purchase. To further ensure you’re receiving the best advice for your circumstances, our calculator can be customised by state.

Each calculator features a helpful “rates and thresholds” button, which includes detailed information in a pop-up menu on how each state and territory calculates stamp duty rates, as well as any applicable concessions, grants, and exemptions.

To maximise your budget and save time, find the Stamp Duty Calculator that best applies to your needs.

ACT Stamp Duty Calculator

Our Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Stamp Duty Calculator is customised to meet the state’s stamp duty requirements. Based on the information you provide, our calculator will provide a guide on how much stamp duty you could owe, as well as how much money you could save under certain concessions.

NSW Stamp Duty Calculator

Our New South Wales (NSW) Stamp Duty Calculator highlights particular factors that could impact the amount of stamp duty you pay on your property. If you’re an eligible new home buyer, you will see how a stamp duty exemption or reduced stamp duty, the First Home Owner Grant, and other concessions could save you money.

NT Stamp Duty Calculator

Our Northern Territory (NT) Stamp Duty Calculator reflects input fields relevant to how the state factors stamp duty rates. After filling out the required information, you can quickly see how eligible first home buyers and pensioners could save on stamp duty.

QLD Stamp Duty Calculator

Our Queensland (QLD) Stamp Duty Calculator offers a guide on how much stamp duty you are required to pay based on the information you provide. Further information on QLD’s First Home Owner’s Grant, the First Home Concession, and the First Home Vacant Land Concession can also be found on this page.

SA Stamp Duty Calculator

Our South Australia (SA) Stamp Duty Calculator is programmed to show how much stamp duty you owe on your property purchase. You will discover how SA could offer you grant if you’re an eligible first home owner, as well as how the state calculates their transfer fee based on your purchase property’s value.

TAS Stamp Duty Calculator

Our Tasmania (TAS) Stamp Duty Calculator provides a guide on how the state calculates stamp duty, including the First Home Owner Grant and the First Home Builder Boost.

VIC Stamp Duty Calculator

Our Victoria (VIC) Stamp Duty Calculator includes necessary input variables, including the location of your property, the property type, and if you’re a first home buyer. Our calculator also shows how your chosen payment method can affect the number of total government fees you need to pay.

WA Stamp Duty Calculator

Our Western Australia (WA) Stamp Duty Calculator will show how you could best maximise your budget when purchasing certain types of property within the state. Further information on how the First Home Owner Grant is affected by your property’s location and value is also included on this page.

Please note: the estimates and information provided by our calculators should be taken as a guide only.

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