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We make it possible for you to find a great deal on accommodation for your next holiday. By comparing the hotel prices of numerous hotel booking websites, you could find a better price for your trip than what you thought was possible.

What’s more, our online tool can help you compare hotels and accommodation to discover a room that’s just become available at a discounted rate; this means you can enjoy your trip from a fantastic location while saving a little extra money for your adventures.

Easily compare hotels and find great value deals

Easily compare hotels

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Melbourne: featured Australian destination

Melbourne is the sports capital of Australia, annually hosting iconic events such as the Australian Open, Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Melbourne Cup. Not into sports? There’s a reason why Melbourne is referred to as the cultural heart of Australia; arts, culture, great coffee and food are also synonymous with this colourful city. If you’re planning a trip, compare hotels in Melbourne with our comparison site today or browse popular destinations below.

Thailand: featured international getaway

Turquoise waters, fast-paced city life and a vibrant culture; Thailand is a must-see for anyone with the travel bug. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the city culture and nightlife of Bangkok, unwind at the island paradise of Phuket or escape to the countryside of Chiang Mai, you’re bound to have an unforgettable experience in the ‘Land of Smiles’. Read more about great places to stay in Thailand or browse destinations and accommodation options below. Compare hotels with our comparison service to find great deals on accommodation.

Why compare hotels, prices and deals with us?

Our handy hotel comparison service makes it easy for you to discover a deal that suits your needs for your next holiday. It searches a number of travel and hotel booking sites, to help you find great value wherever you want to stay. Whether you’re comparing Australian hotels or booking something a little more exotic, simply enter a few details about your next trip, and you can compare accommodation options on just one page.

Refine your results to compare hotels, prices, star ratings, guest ratings and much more to ensure you find accommodation that suits your needs and budget. What’s more, you can also select the ‘Great Value’ checkbox under ‘Refine Your Search’ to filter only the deals that are identified as great value for money.

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Compare hotels and accommodation types to find the right fit

When it comes to accommodation, not everyone has the same needs. Some prefer to have a fully serviced room in a central location, while others want a more authentic local experience. Luckily, there’s a style to suit everyone. Here are just a few of the options available via the filters in our comparison service.


luxury hotel room that can be found by comparing hotels

Generally, hotels rooms are fully serviced with toiletries, linen and other everyday essentials, and are perfect for both sightseers and those travelling for business.

Hotels are usually a convenient choice, due to their other onsite facilities, which may consist of day spas, pools, gyms, bars, restaurants and room service.


great apartments that can be found when you compare hotels

Apartments are often slightly larger than hotel rooms, usually coming with bedrooms separate from the living area, a lounge room and a kitchen. They may be suitable for travellers who want the comforts of a hotel, but don’t necessarily need additional services such as front desk support, in-house restaurants or tour booking services.

Bed and breakfasts

lovely bed and breakfast found after comparing accommodation
A room within a house that is often privately owned, bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) are popular among couples looking for a short getaway. As its name suggests, B&Bs owners usually offer breakfast to their guests as a standard feature.


guest house identified after comparing accommodation online

Travellers looking for a home away from home can opt to stay in a guest house. Often situated in local neighbourhoods, guesthouses are fantastic for travellers who want to immerse themselves within the everyday culture of the destination they’re visiting.


motel sign symbolising a range of motels available to compare

Often found off highways, motels are generally targeted towards customers who are travelling by car and require short-term accommodation. While a motel’s interior layout may appear similar to a hotel room, its entry doors tend to face the car park instead of a designated lobby.


beautiful hostel to prove that comparing hostels is worth doing

Hostels are lower-budget, shared accommodation suitable for students, backpackers and other budget travellers. Typically comprising of bunk-bed rooms and a communal bathroom, hostels are great for travellers who need basic accommodation and amenities, while looking to mingle with other globetrotters.

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